The Sketchbook Project

I just got this in my e-mail this morning and it made me look for my sketchbook post. Alas it is not on this blog. In fact I think many of my posts did not make it over in the blog transfer. This made me sad so I think I am going to have to re-post some of the favorites. Anyway back to that e-mail.

"We just wanted to let you know that Zhengyang K. just viewed your sketchbook (#S92842) at Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY!

The Brooklyn Art Library Librarian"

Here is the digital presentation of what the e-mail is referring to.

"The Sketchbook Project is a global, crowd-sourced art project where participants from all walks of life are sent a sketchbook to fill with art of their making then return it for inclusion in a traveling exhibition and permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library."

These are the materials that I was allotted to create my project.

These are the materials that I was allotted to create my project.

And here is the cover that I created out of a faux canvas panel and a piece of canvas that is glued to the inside.

And here is the cover that I created out of a faux canvas panel and a piece of canvas that is glued to the inside.

Done Cover standing all by itself.

Done Cover standing all by itself.


Inside cover with a QR code that comes here to this web site!


So if you are in Brooklyn, NY I am sure that you will want to check it out.

The Dive Into Youtube

First of all here is the link for my youtube channel. Please subscribe here.

I had been putting it off for a long time but it was completely necessary. It is time to start putting out. some videos to share and promote my work.

I have learned an unbelievable amount of information the last week or so about making your own videos using not much more then a smartphone and some serious effort time.

I was investigating youtube the other day on my phone and saw that they have a really neat little video upload app. It is called Capture. You can take a video on your phone then even edit different clips together right on your phone and even add music. After that is all completed you can upload it to your google account and BAM! You are on the internet. I always thought it would be harder than that. 

After I made my first video and put it online. (Which was by the way a 20 second video of my dog jumping in and out of the frame.) I was pretty sure that I could do more with my phone camera then I had originally thought. It is amazing how much better technology is these days. There was just a few issues. I didn't necessarily want to just make videos of my dog and I needed something or someone to hold my phone.

So the goal here is to make time lapse videos of me creating my painting and also some gallery style videos that I can release at the end of a series and the end of the year.  Eventually I do want to do some product reviews and some how-tos. Maybe even some mini video workshops. Anyway back to the time lapse goal. I was definitely going to need some sort of phone holding contraption and a way to make my video time lapse.

I checked out and picked up this little number. The thing that is good to know about this tripod is that it works fine with a big case like the one I use and the top phone holder will screw into all of your traditional photography tripods. This is an amazing little product. The next thing that I investigated was software to do time lapse. I found a amazing one that even has a free version. It is called Lapse It. The professional version was just 1.99 so I grabbed it. This is a very intuitive app and I highly recommend it. You can upload your video straight from the app or you can save it to your camera roll and use the youtube capture app to edit or add music. There is a collection off free music that you can add inside of the app.

If that wasn't cool enough you tube also has an in-browser based video editing software that you can use on videos that you have already uploaded. you can make bumpers in this software or add music with even more options. I think there is over 1,500 tracks and they are very well organized. I was very pleased with how easy and straight forward everything was to use and now I am up to four videos if you count the Gypsy Jumping video that I am fond of for silly reasons.

The last tool that I used is also free and google based. It is called Picasa. If you do not have this stand alone piece of software you should definitely get it. It will find all of the pictures that you have on your computer. Among many other things it will also make slideshow videos for you and upload them to youtube straight from the program. You can add nifty text slides and adjust the transition effects easily and intuitively.  You just upload that bad boy to youtube then add some swanky music and you have got something you can use. 

I have not done anything using sound just yet so I will get back to you on the trials and tribulations of that endeavor in a later post in the Business Journal section.


iPhone 5

Joby JM3-01WW GripTight GorillaPod Stand ($19.79 from Amazon)

Full size Tripod (I already had one)


Capture (App - Free from youtube)

Lapse It Professional (App $1.99)

Youtube Video Editor (Browser Based - Free)

Picasa (Stand Alone - Free)

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