Fun night out at Paint Nite

There is no better way to start painting again after a long hiatus than with good company and a few drinks on board. Melissa Designs and I went as a dynamic duo to the local Paint Nite event. The way it works is you buy a ticket that includes paint and canvas and a host to guide you through the process. The event is held at a local restaurant. I recommend this as a fun small group or even solo activity. We went for fun and also to support a friend who is retiring from her gig and moving out of state. I am offering this painting for sale at a bargain price of $20 plus shipping to pay for my drink tab and to celebrate the re-opening of my ETSY shop. Get it while I still feel this generous!

Here is the Link

 Heron at the Lake  16x20  acrylic on canvas

Heron at the Lake


acrylic on canvas