Free Art!?

 Actual Art Mail Winner Prize!    

Actual Art Mail Winner Prize! 


What is this madness? It must be a trick (I'm sure this may have crossed your mind). Alas it is not. It is however a creative scheme for me to gain the ability to deliver you Art Mail!

On top of getting Art Mail delivered to your inbox you will also get a chance to win  art in your physical mailbox too! 

There will be a drawing at the beginning of each month and the winner will receive a random piece of art to keep and cherish. Winners will be contacted via e-mail so be sure that Art Mail is making it into your Inbox.

The monthly art will vary making each release exciting. Sketches & paintings, & prints.

It will always be a surprise! 

What is Art Mail!?

Art Mail is our way to let you into our art club. You will be the first to know about important news and art events and get art releases sent right to you. There will also be subscriber exclusive art that will not be featured anywhere else.

I hope you decide to join us on this fun art filled adventure!