About The Artists

Leah Rose King

My name is Leah Garcia and I am a Santa Cruz, California local. I live in a tiny little place near the beach which I am excited to share with my wonderful man Chris and enthusiastically charged doggie side kick Gypsy aka Jip. I love leading a minimalist life style and prioritizing health and enjoying life's precious moments.

 I am a spiritually creative and driven individual who is continuously striving to capture something greater in my art. I paint in acrylic medium primarily but also love and embrace mixed media and absolutely love to take painting breaks to delve into the crafty-er side of things.


Melissa Designs

My Name is Melissa Garcia and I am a traditional artist whose studio is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I specialize in hand painted signs and promotional window paintings and have been doing so for over 30 years. I am also available for seasonal window paintings and murals for private or commercial sites. If you are in need of a face painter I am fully outfitted with certified face paints for parties or company gatherings. Prices vary with job type, difficulty and location so please call or e-mail so I can give you an estimate on price and my availability. Thank you for visiting our site.